Ode to Festival Tree


We’re often asked... “How can I create a tree for Ann’s Place Festival of Trees?”  

And “can anyone donate a tree?”  Let’s see...

It can be a wee tree,
Or it can be gigantic.
It can be a sweet theme,
Or it can be dramatic.


A tree can take someone’s breath away, stop them on the viewing path.

Sometimes the theme is unconventional, other times it’s funny.

Many themes are romantic or inspirational, some require math;

Spooky trees for Halloween, Valentine’s hearts, and don’t forget the Easter bunny!

A tree can have a Christmas theme,
Or celebrate Diwali (the Hindu Festival of Lights),
Your Orthodox roots, or non-religious meme,
It can be for Chanukah, decorated in blue and white.

It can be made to sit on a bedside shelf,
Be intended for the kitchen or dining table,
Designed to hang on a door or be held by an elf,
Just please, if it’s freestanding, make sure the base is stable!

A tree can be traditional,
Or have a modern flair.
It doesn’t have to be conventional,
But, please, it shouldn’t be bare.

The tree cannot be living, but it can be ecofriendly (AKA green).

It shouldn’t have food included (attracting critters when it’s stowed).

Dangle whatever else you like, in colors that are keen,

Or, perhaps you can wow them with something that you’ve sewed.


It can celebrate a person, group, or hobby,
Your favorite aunt, uncle, or even a beloved pet.
Or be a great display for a business or even a hotel lobby.
Are ideas swirling? Are you inspired yet?

You can donate just one, two, three, or more.
Or make a baker’s dozen (12 and a spare),
The more the merrier, trees and trees galore!
Our goal is to have more than 100 trees there!

Decorate by yourself, with family, or a friend,
Participate with your class, dance or scouting troop,
The combinations and possibilities never end,
Social clubs are welcome and any other group.

Highlight the good deeds of the place where you work,
Promote a new business to get it off the ground,
The team building is an awesome perk!
It’s loads of fun, all the way around.

The reasons for decorating a tree can be more personal or serious.
Do you know someone who has or had cancer? The holidays can be a drain.
Dreaming of tree themes can make you delirious,
But know that you are bringing joy to all and setting aside their pain!

Why do we do it year after year after year?
Through Festival of Trees, Ann’s Place receives all the money,
From the tree and prize raffles, candles, quilts, and every stuffed bear,
All the people who receive services there, one could even be your “honey”.

Ann’s Place clients are your friends, relatives, and people in your town or city.
After all, cancer doesn’t discriminate; it can affect the young, or old, or any age.

The tree can be flat, round, or abstract; it can be really tall or little-bitty.  

Decorating is great therapy, bringing smiles and joy, adorning each branch and at every stage.


Soon you will be hooked, dreaming of trees in your sleep.

Wondering if you can do another one and another one? Or one more, that’s three!

For the Festival attendees to admire, and the lucky winners to keep.

So please, do join us and decorate and donate a tree!


Time is short, so don’t delay,

Get ready to decorate and contact us today! 


Register your tree at www.AnnsPlaceFestivalOfTrees.org

Questions:  apfot.trees@gmail.com

Text or call:  Elizabeth at 203-947-4534

Please notify us of your tree donation and register by November 4th.  Thank you!