Think Outside the Box

Think Outside the Box:
the Upcycle Family Challenge




  • $25 entry fee per project.

  • All submissions are based on boxes; boxes are the foundation, and embellishments are permitted. While cardboard is most available, other boxes (such as mini metal Altoids boxes, egg cartons, or plastic berry “clamshell” containers) are acceptable.

  • Registrant must be 18 or older. Eligible participants include children, adults, families.

  • One photo is required per entry (may be composed of one, or up to four smaller images).  You may pose with your project if you like. By entering your photo, you certify this is your (your family’s, your team’s) own work and the photo is not down loaded from the internet.

  • Each submission must have a title. Entrants are invited to include a descriptive paragraph. (How did you decide what to build? What is the significance of the project? What was your experience like working together? etc.)




  • Foundation: cardboard, paper, plastic, metal. If you can recycle it, you can use it!

  • Embellishments: cloth, paint, tape, glass, wood, craft materials


(indicate which size on your registration)



Mini (1 or more pieces, 12” maximum total entry)

Medium (1 to 5 boxes, any size)

Unlimited (more than 5 boxes, any size)




There is one prize awarded per top entry in each category. If you enter with a group or family, that prize is to be shared, not awarded to each individual. It will be a $250 gift card to your choice of three retail businesses: Barnes & Noble, Target, or Best Buy. 

Upcycle Challenge Inspiration


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